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Getting Ready

Bride & Groom 

Getting ready is a big part of your wedding day, and no album is complete unless the story is told in full!  This is the time when you’ll hug your parents for the last time as a single lady,.This is also when we will capture some beautiful candid moments of your preparation, some details, the rings, the dresses, and some the most beautiful portraits you’ve ever seen of yourself, on the most important day of your life.. 

The groom getting ready is the one part of the Wedding that the Bride does not see on the day, and is an integral part of the Wedding and we love revealing to the Bride the macho antics and silliness that her man and his mates get up to before the wedding, but more importantly the care that the Groom takes to look his best for his beautiful bride’s most important day of her life.


Our intention is to capture it as it is – everything.

The first time dad walks you down the aisle. The first kiss. The official statement. The hugs and kisses. It’s everything.

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