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Commercial Video, Aerial Shooting, Digital Marketing Company based in Melbourne.

Paradise Production offers customised commercial filming and digital marketing consultation services. Our vision as a local visual marketing specialist is to assist businesses to create high standard brand image, build brand awareness and achieve their business ambition. 

With 6 years experience, PWE Group Pty Ltd has developed into a team composed of 5 photographer, 3 Videographer, 1 aerial photography specialist, 5 stylists, multiple contract assistants and 3 administrators.  Now, we are ready to extend our market to a broader mix of projects in a wider array of locations and bringing the visions of a client group of diverse demography to reality.  

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Paradise Production integrates the notion of craftsmanship into filming. Our emphasis on the details guarantees that you will receive the perfect visual product.



Innovation and creativity are the core elements that fuels Paradise Production’s continuous development. We adore creative ideas and seek to interpret them into our work. Each of our clients will receive their production plan uniquely tailored to suit their business model and visions. 



Our team has been proudly working with a portfolio of high-end brands, including BMW, Mercedes Benz, Porsche, Audi, HSBC, Everland, Ray While and a long list of locally and internationally recognised partners.



With in excess of 5 years experiences of working in the industry, our experienced and qualified team of Paradise Production has been proudly working with a portfolio of high-end brands, including BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Audi, HSBC, as well as a list of locally and internationally recognised partners, including Everland, Ray White, JTT Aware Factory. Paradise Production has also helped kick-start a generous number of small businesses, such as local clinics, law firms, real estate agencies and more. With our professionalism and your ambition, together we can make a difference.


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Technology requires knowledge and expertise more than it requires money.

Paradise Production a wide range of provides comprehensive, professional and efficient marketing solutions to assist your business to hit the marketing target.

Commercial Advertising

Paradise Production helps you to tell stories about your business, product or people. We offer both advertising video and photo services

Digital marketing

Paradise Production provides efficient cross-cultural digital marketing solutions to make your business known to an increased and diverse population. 

Aerial / Drone

We see things from a different point of view. Experience the amazing combination of the newest technology and innovative concepts here at Paradise Production.

Personal Portfolio

Paradise Production assists individuals to build portfolios to demonstrate their lifestyle, promote personal or professional images. 

Commercial Event Recording

Paradise Production offers experienced photographers and videographers that are adaptable to any circumstances to shadow and record commercial events.


The co-funder of PWE Group Pty Ltd has extensive experiences of participating in the production of televised documentaries. We are thrilled to add documentary production to our service list and we look forward to telling the story behind you, your business or your passion. 

Complex Digital Marketing Solution


Starting from $1999 to get a complete Digital Marketing Strategy package to lead your business to a new level.

Aerial / Drone Services


Starting from $199 to get a NEW angle for your business from the SKY.


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